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Want to send out a HUGE Thank You to The Law Office of Richard Ravosa, in saving our home from foreclosure and filling bankruptcy. Due to medical reasons, my son undergoing brain surgery and a couple years later my wife’s diagnosis with breast cancer, our family was faced with a serious hardship. I had no success in trying to work a loan modification with my bank. The law Office of Richard Ravosa and his staff was very professional in answering all my questions and quick in returning my calls, especially Cynthia. You all are Simple the Best!
Husband and Wife/Swansea

Richard Ravosa Jr and his office have assisted me in several legal matters. They offer excellence in their work. They have helped me quickly, thoroughly, and eased my concerns. The entire office is considerate and helpful. This kind of service and work, reflects on the kind of lawyer Richard is, and what you can expect is Excellence.
Phobe, Pembroke

Atty Richard Ravosa, Cynthia and their staff helped me and my wife through a very difficult time with Foreclosing on our house and filing for Bankruptcy. They were kind, supportive, extremely knowledgeable in their field of expertise. We were embarrassed and somewhat ashamed of the situation we were in and they welcomed us with open arms, treating us like family. They went with us to court and walked us through the entire process. We have dealt with other Atty Practices and none have been this helpful and supportive. We just found ourselves in another situation needing an Atty and weren’t sure this fell under their practice but they assured us when we called for guidance that they would help us find the best in the field we needed. They do this without asking for any type of compensation and truly care about you. We will never call another Atty for help….it will always be Richard Ravosa and his team. They are top notch professionals who get the job done without delays. One more thing…they call you back within the day of your call with updates and answers. We feel so blessed to have found them.
Jon, Beverly

I had been toying with the idea of bankruptcy for about six months before I contacted Mr Ravosa. We spoke on the phone several times. If he wasn’t available at the time I could always expect he would call back by the end of the day. I did everything I could to avoid Chapter 7 but realized with his help that It was necessary. I went up to meet with him and was very impressed at his level of confidence and knew things would get moving quickly. I have had little dealings with legal matters and wanted it to stay that way. I was given a list to things I had to do and dates by which I had to do that was clear but impossible in the time frame which I had to work in. I had help and encouragment form the staff. It was a stressful time but things did work out even when the trustee prolonged the case. I think that there were many costs that were absorbed by Mr Ravosa due to the inability for me to meet the deadlines set forth by the court. Overall everything went well and I wish to thank Erica, Cynthia, and Mr Ravosa for the professional and businisslike approach. It is now a year later and things have been and are still turning for the better. Thanks to all.

Richard Ravosa ,Cynthia and staff worked very hard to keep me in my home.I was on the verge of losing my home. With bankruptcy my only option. Cynthia and staff worked very hard on my case which was not easy. this team helped me and my family stay in or home and get back on track. I would have lost my home if I had not called this law firm! thank you Mr Ravosa and Cynthia
William, Whitman

My husband and I were left in a bad situation when were no longer had our previous attorney for unforseen reasons, We are blessed to have found attorney Ravosa and Cynthia, they guided us all the way through the process and kept their promise. They are a blessing to us!
Peter & Courtney, East Longmeadow

“Due to a business failure during the economic downturn, I was forced to file for Chapter 13. My case was sufficiently involved that I decided to go with Attorney Ravosa and his team even though their main office is on the other side of the state. The whole process took much longer than I expected, but that was largely because Attorney Hurley and Attorney Ravosa were extremely thorough in their research and preparation. Whereas the local attorney I had initially consulted had seemed overworked and was rather uncommunicative, I could always count on a relatively prompt and well considered response when I sent the Ravosa team a question. In court, there was a palpable sense that the judge respected Attorney Ravosa’s competence and knowledge of the case. In person, Richard is very personable and professional. A pleasure to deal with. I am extremely grateful to the Ravosa team for the successful, and, in retrospect, very smooth engagement. I recommend them unreservedly.”
Client, Sheffield, MA

Attorney Ravosa should be the one you call for bankruptcy needs
I contacted attorney Ravosa to see if he could help with some overwhelming revolving debts. He negotiated with our lenders and was able to resolve one debt of my wife’s for penny’s on the dollar. The remaining debts were much to high to be feasibly resolved and although I feared bankruptcy his team led me through the chapter 13 process. They are very detail oreineted and walked slowly. Sometimes I wondered why things were asked a second time but in the end it all made sense. They want to have the right information and make sure it’s correct for a successful outcome for all involved. The fees for this were very reasonable seeing the outcome. The chapter 13 plan was going well when we had an unforeseen very large drop in income and additional expenses that made the payments unaffordable. In consulting with Richard and his wife Cynthia they felt a conversion to chapter 7 would be feasible. They let me know it may not be easy do to my income and other circumstances. They fought very hard for much longer than we expected keeping me posted as to every detail and move that they made not only after instituting but beforehand.
I hope to never need their services again, but would contact them without hesitation in the unfortunate case that I do. I can say of all the professionals I have dealt with in my life they have worked the hardest of any. Honestly and hard work is what you can expect. I hate to think what would of happened to my family and my home if I had not hired him. I learned first hand that bankruptcy can be stressful (would of been much more so without the guidance of this team) but thanks to Richard and Cynthias hard work my life is back on track!
Ryan, Southhampton

I’m very impressed with Town and Country Legal Associates. Throughout my entire process everything was explained to me and handled in a very professional manner. They were recommended to me and I would recommend them to family and friends. Cynthia was very patient, knowledgable and approachable. I couldn’t be happier with the way my case was handled.
Robin, Hyde Park

Thank you!
Thank you Attorney Ravosa and Tanya for your support and guidance througout the bankruptcy process. The itemized list of financial documents required was easy to follow and provide. My emails – which were many – were answered quickly. I would recommend Attorney Ravosa and his team to anyone.
Unknown Client

After exploring all options available for my situation bankruptcy was the only real option. From my first meeting all information was presented clearly made understandable and the open door communication was superb. Attorney Rovasa and his team made the entire bankruptcy process easy for me by being there every step of the way. Specific instructions on what financial documents I needed to provide to them made everything simple on my end. They answered all of my questions thoroughly, eased my fears, and told me exactly what to expect moving forward. There’s no way I could have done the bankruptcy without them. I highly recommend Attorney Richard Ravosa.
MT, Natick

John and I would like to take this opportunity to thank Michelle L Cote Esq. and Richard Ravosa Esq. from Town and Country Legal Associates for all of their help with our mortgage modification.
Thank you for helping us get a mortgage modification that is at 2% down from 5.99%. It has been a drop in our monthly mortgage payment of $771.08.
Thank you to Michelle for being so patient with us as we worked on getting information that you needed.
Again, thank you for all of your hard work. We will recommend Town and Country Legal Associates for helping others get a handle on their financial difficulties.
Husband and Wife from Wayland

We came to Town & Country Legal during a very difficult time. I found all who work there to be kind and compassionate. They never judged and offered support as well as amazing legal help. They were never to busy to talk or to explain the best course of action to take. Even when you are done with their services they still work for you to get you information about changing legal processes. My husband and I will gladly recommend their services. Thank you Town & Country you saved us!
Lisa from Holliston

Town and Country Legal Associates are consummate professionals who are experts in the personal bankruptcy laws and process. Richard Ravosa and his staff are excellent at understanding financial problems and issues that occur for those considering bankruptcy. They assess your situation and come up with a workable solution that ultimately relieves a major burden from your personal life. Starting with the first consultation with them, they are extremely thorough and very diligent is communicating and explaining how to make the right decisions based on your individual circumstances. I highly recommend their legal services to anyone seeking guidance and legal advice when facing catastrophic financial problems.
Client from Lexington

Richard Ravosa’s Town and Country’s Legal Associates provided hands-on guidance through the whole bankruptcy process. I was ready to give up more than once over how complicated the process seemed to be. But the personal attention given by their lawyers walked me through the bankruptcy process.
Phil from Framingham

Thanks to Attorney Richard Ravosa and the staff of Town Country Legal Associates, our lives have done a twist of 180 degrees. My wife and I were in a bad financial situation that put us under a lot of stress and was affecting of our marriage. Fortunately, we found Attorney Ravosa in the web. He gave us a free consultation in which he explained us what a bankruptcy and loan modification were about. Town Country Legal Associates helped us with both situations. The process went pretty smooth and unstressful. They were very warm and comprehensible whenever we had any questions and doubts, and always, very knowledgeable and professionals. Thanks to them we feel free with a fresh start.

Last year I was going through a divorce and was faced with a depressing reality that I was alone. Not only was I physically left alone I was faced with losing my home and the bills were piling up.
I felt like no one understood exactly what I was going through, not my family, and especially not my divorce lawyer. I was lost! I felt like I was not being heard.
Until one day I received a post card from the law offices of Richard Ravosa. I thought OK another lawyer promising to help me. I put it aside and one day I did call. BEST CALL I EVER MADE!
I can not begin to express the level of professionalism that I have, and continue to receive from Richard Ravosa and his amazing staff. In a tough and extremely vulnerable time in my life I must say that Richard Ravosa and his staff delivered exactly what they said they would.
Maureen from Maynard

Attorney Richard Ravosa helped me consolidate my debt. Now I’m on track to paying off my debts with an affordable monthly payment. He is kind, patient, and accessible any time his clients need him. He is knowledgeable and experienced with all issues surrounding bankruptcy law and consumer rights. I highly recommend Attorney Ravosa for your legal needs.
Damon, from Framingham

I want to thank attorney Ravosa and his staff for their outstanding commitment to my needs! I have recommended them to many of my own business clients and feel they are a very ethical and knowledgable practice! All of my needs have always been handled quickly and perfectly. I would highly recommend using their services if in need.
Chapter 7 Client

Mr Rovosa and staff where very friendly and very helpful in handling my case. They always reassured me that everything would work out fine. I had numerous changes throughout my chapter 13 payment plan and they quickly handled them so I could continue to pay the plan off.
Chapter 13 Client

I had a great experience with Attorney Ravosa. A friend recommended Richard Ravosa. He guided me thru bankruptcy, answering all my silly questions. Mr Ravosa and his team treated me with respect and compassion, they were pulling for me! Today I am debt free!!!
Kathleen from Dracut

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